Strabane and District Caring Services (SDCS) was set up in 1994. Strabane and District Caring Services is a community based non-profit organisation providing domiciliary health care and other services to the community.

The company has a strong community ethos and is committed to providing the best value and highest professional standards in all we do. The governance function of Strabane and District Caring Services is fulfilled through a 6 person board of directors.

Our Mission

The stated mission of Strabane & District Caring Services is given as: 

To enhance the quality of life, further health care, encourage a greater sense of community spirit and to combat unemployment through job creation in the Western area.

To empower individuals and families engage in activities which enhances the health and well being and encourage each to develop resilience to those issues which detract from them being an active citizen.

Our Principles and Objectives

At SDCS we work in collaboration with statutory agencies, community and voluntary organisations, families and individuals.  We encourage individuals to take control of their own lives and provide support to those who are less able to do so, delivering a comprehensive suite of support services that enable people to achieve their aspirations.

We focus on community development while remaining flexible, both as individuals and an organisation.  We support people make the right choices and respect their decisions.  We’re always non-judgemental.  And by maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in everything, from the services delivery to corporate governance, we ensure our company and  services are as sustainable as they are effective.

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The organisation has identified a set of values which underpins this mission and guides the way all activities are implemented:

  • Caring
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Collectiveness
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Confidentiality
  • High quality of service



All stakeholders will be regarded as individuals with differing needs.  Service users will be supported to live life to the full with the minimum restrictions on their movements and activities (taking ability, insight, risk factors and legal and resource constraints into consideration).


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